Sunday, April 7, 2013


So. Yeah. Here's A Little Bit About Me.

My real name is not Enid. That fancy-smancy-ass name up there at the top of this here blog thing is one I made up, a pseudonym. Did I say that yet? I don't remember, and I'm too lazy to go look. I'm not brave enough yet to tell you, Dear Gentle Readers, what my real name is. (I love talking like that. You know, pretending I've got, like, hordes of fascinated readers refreshing the page multiple times in hopes that I've graced the Internet with more of my inane babble.) Because lately my Crazy has reached a new level of Crazy that I am experiencing for the first time, which apparently requires 4 different types of Crazy Pills to contain my Crazy and bring me down to a somewhat normal level of... something. Yeah. Also, obviously, I tend to curse a bit on this here blog thing. Ok, whatever, I cuss a lot. Shut up. It's therapeutic. And if certain family members (who I love so dearly, they help keep me from going absolutely completely bat shit insane, they are such wonderful people) saw the cursing, and also the very honest ramblings I have and will put here about the darkness and the depression and exactly how it has REALLY affected me, then they would worry even more than they worry already. And they already worry a lot. And right now, at least, I feel the need to protect them just a bit. Just a small bit. From my Crazy. Crazy with a capital C, mother fuckers.

I think I went off on a tangent. So. Ok. I'm Enid. I have a small herd of cats and the tiniest hamster in the world. I'm 37. I have no children. I currently have no job, a fact that is most certainly adding to the Crazy. Also, I can draw.

I can draw really fucking good, people. I can draw circles around you. I'm amazing.

Shut up. I am completely allowed to brag about it, because it is true, and also, because it's really the only thing I'm good at.

Speaking of, hey! Oh! There shall be Drawings! here on this blog thing. Soon. As soon as I can get off my lazy ass and draw them! and upload them to the blog thing. Yes. And you will marvel and ooh and ah over the beautimous beauty they will add. Oh yes you will.

Or something.

I totally took my pills too close together today.

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